The movie room on the replica of the East Indiaman Amsterdam has been renovated. The previous virtual reality experience has been replaced with a large video screen, completely surrounding you with video images.

17th-century Amsterdam

Step into the movie room and imagine yourself in the 17th-century port of Amsterdam. The harbor was already a bustling area at that time, and it looked very different from today. See how many ships sailed and how 's Lands Zeemagazijn – the current building of The Maritime Museum – was being constructed. Watching the video, it almost feels as if you are on board a ship yourself.

Most of the ships you see in the video are VOC ships. On the replica of the Amsterdam, you can learn more about the VOC. About the history of the VOC and life on board a VOC ship, but also about its darker aspects.

Moving towards a new story

At this moment, we are working on the stories we tell on the replica of the VOC ship Amsterdam. For this, we are also interested in the opinions of our visitors. You can read more about it here.

The video was developed by Shosho and installed by Flink.