The National Maritime Museum shows how strongly the maritime world and society are connected and specifically what impact this has on the lives of so many individuals.

Water connects worlds. Het Scheepvaartmuseum (The National Maritime Museum) shows the strong connection between the maritime world and society as a whole, and more specifically the impact of this on the lives of many individuals.

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Water connects worlds


The National Maritime museum shows the strong connection between the maritime world and society as a whole and specifically what the significant impact is on the lives of many individuals.

We use three pillars

pioneering & investigative

Our knowledge centre’s team of specialists and researchers is constantly working to further expand and enrich our pioneering collection and library. Together we are developing exciting exhibitions and making our research accessible to everyone.

involved & urgent

The world faces many changes and challenges.We can use past, present, and future maritime developments to encourage debate on current issues.

entrepreneurial & connective

We are entrepreneurial by nature, we stimulate talent and occupy a central position in society.. Our open culture, with a focus on inclusiveness and visitor participation, is the foundation for productive collaborations

supervisory board

  • Vice-admiraal Matthieu J.M. Borsboom
  • Ir. Anton J.M. Valk CBE 
  • Ir. Isaäc Kalisvaart
  • Drs. Emily Ansenk
  • Ir. Thessa Menssen


  • Michael Huijser 
  • Vera Carasso 

Michael Huijser & Vera Carasso

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