The Netherlands is full of stories, connecting places with each other and guiding you through the country. The story of the seventeenth century or so-called 'Dutch golden age' is inextricably linked to Amsterdam and the National Maritime Museum.

During the seventeenth century, Amsterdam grew into one of the most important trading centers in the world. The migration of different population groups increased, the artistic production was higher than ever, science flourished and the canals were dug. The seventeenth century also had a dark side: slavery reigned supreme at this time. Follow the trail to the National Maritime Museum and discover how large and influential Amsterdam maritime shipping and international trade were.

the main gallery | republic at sea

The Main Gallery displays the exhibition Republic at Sea, where fifty objects tell the story of the growth, prosperity and decline of the Netherlands as a world power. The seventeenth century was essential for the formation of Dutch identity, which is deeply rooted in our past. Visitors can get acquainted with the core collection of our museum in the Main Gallery.

Outside, at the jetty, it is possible to visit a replica of the East Indiaman Amsterdam. On board you can take a Virtual Reality journey that will take you back to Amsterdam in the 17th century and give you a glimpse of the Royal Barge. Together, these showpieces form the 'must sees' of our museum, which you can admire within one hour.

maps & marvels

Maps & Marvels shows the maps of Amsterdam map makers from the top cartography collection of the National Maritime Museum. The first part of the exhibition shows how our Amsterdam ancestors found their way at sea in the seventeenth century and how their voyages of discovery determined the worldview. The visitor is surprised by the beauty of the age-old maps and the many details that can be seen on them. The second part of the exhibition, Cabinet of Curiosities, is a treasure house filled with eye-catching objects and curiosities. From souvenirs and trinkets to ceramics and art objects. All these special things were taken home from long journeys. In Maps & Marvels, they symbolize sea voyages and the way in which the world was literally brought into their home.

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