The exhibitions Scramble for the Arctic and Rising Tide focus on the global impact of melting ice and the rising sea levels. Scramble for the Arctic illustrates the process of Dutch expansion into the Arctic region. Rising Tide by photojournalist and filmmaker Kadir van Lohuizen serves as a wake-up call and illustrates the global impact and irreversible consequences of rising sea levels.


The National Maritime Museum shows how water connects worlds. The museum showcases a wide range of impressive masterpieces and artefacts from one of the world's finest maritime collections. In addition to exhibitions with a historical character, the museum exhibits work by contemporary international artists. The museum uses maritime developments from the past, present, and future to encourage debate on current themes. Climate change and rising sea levels are crucial themes that have an impact on what the museum is all about. Kadir van Lohuizen's project perfectly matches these themes in terms of art and content. In Arctic Scramble and Rising Tide, the museum is taking on its social role of informing and activating a broad public.

Scramble for the Arctic and Rising Tide are made possible by BankGiro Loterij, Mondriaan Fonds, Waterschap Amstel Gooi & Vecht, NWB Bank and Noor.

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