How aware are you when it comes to climate change? The interactive room is an in-depth extention to Scramble for the Arctic and Rising Tide. Get inspired by documentaries and podcasts, but also let us know what you do to fight for the climate. Look, listen and interact.

how are you helping the climate?

The traces of climate activism are all around you. Pictures of protest marches and the signs used by the activists are on display here. But is there anything you can do yourself? Let us you know what you do to help the climate and inspire other visitors.

The climate strike depicted in Lego, on display in the interactive space at Battle for the Ice and Rising Water. Image: Twycer.

Take a card. The colour represents the impact of your action. An orange card stand for small impact, a yellow card for medium impact and a green card stands for big impact. You can judge for yourself how big the impact of your action is. Something that seems small to you, can be perceived as big for someone else. You can put your filled out card up on one of the columns in the room, so that it can inspire other visitors!

The Interactive Room is closed on the 15th and 16th of January. Together with Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht and Amsterdam Rainproof, the National Maritime Museum is working on a new Interactive Room that shows how we can make Amsterdam rainproof by handling rainwater in new ways. The new Interactive Room opens on the 17th of January.

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