Experience the Amsterdam for real! On the quay of our museum lies a replica of the VOC ship/East Indiaman Amsterdam that was wrecked in 1749 during its first voyage. The VOC ship Amsterdam is one of the showpieces of the museum.

what is there to see?

Come on board and visit the entire ship. Raise load, creep through the hold, shoot a cannon and rest in the hammocks. Virtual Reality Dare to Discover, go back to the Golden Age and make a flight through the Amsterdam port.

for whom is this exhibition?

This exhibition is for real maritime lovers and families with children.

where in the museum is the exhibition?

You can visit the VOC ship the Amsterdam on the quay of the Northern wing of the National Maritime Museum.

The ship moored alongside the museum is an exact copy of the famous East Indiaman lost on her maiden voyage in 1749. The Amsterdam can rightly be called one of the most stunning pieces in the museum's collection.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Dutch set sail in ships like these, known as 'Dutch East Indiamen,' to the Far East (what we now call Asia). The journey took about eight months. All told, the East Indiamen made this journey nearly five thousand times.

experience the East Indiaman Amsterdam! 

what kind of ship is the Amsterdam?

The Amsterdam is an East Indiaman. This type of ship was the main type of transport ship of the VOC. In the 17th and 18th centuries East Indiamen sailed to the Far East with this type of ship. The voyage took about eight months. All East Indiamen together made almost five thousand of these voyages.

the wreck of the Amsterdam

The original Amsterdam sailed onto the North Sea in 1749. In a flying storm the rudder broke off. The skipper decided to run the ship ashore on the English South Coast. He hoped to salvage the people on board, the cargo and the ship itself this way. But the East Indiaman soon sank into the mud and never came loose again. When the Amsterdam ran ashore on the beach at Hastings, the crew was able to salvage a large part of the cargo and the silver, but looters were on the lookout and soon attacked the stranded ship to loot.

the reconstruction of the ship the Amsterdam

Later, archaeologists found a lot of data in the wreck on the construction of the VOC ships, their cargo and life on board. In 1985 construction started off a copy of the Amsterdam. Over 400 volunteers took part. Since 1991 the ship has lain moored at the National Maritime Museum.

now on view: dare to discover - a VR journey. 

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dare to discover - a VR journey

The spectacular Virtual Reality time trip, entitled ‘dare to discover – a VR journey’ can be watched on board of the VOC ship. This VR journey takes you back to the Golden Age. Fly over Amsterdam’s historic harbour and experience how this area developed rapidly into a bosting port. You will witness a number of events from this period, and isn’t that Michiel de Ruyter with his wife walking there? 

dimensions of the Amsterdam

The ship the Amsterdam has the following dimensions:

  • length of the keel: 42.5 m
  • length from stern to bowsprit: 48 m
  • width: 11.5 m
  • draught: 5.5 m
  • height: 56 m
  • water displacement: 1,100 ton
  • number of canons: 16

practical information

In case of bad weather and storm, wind force 5/6 or more, access to the Amsterdam is limited. With wind force 7 or more the ship and quay are closed, for the purpose of the safety of our visitors.

In recent years, the VOC ship has become partly accessible to disabled people using a special lift that takes the visitor to the tween deck. Here you can see how the crew slept, see the canons up close and taste the atmosphere in the hold.

The VOC ship the Amsterdam is an official wedding location, as is the National Maritime Museum in its entirety. Read more via the link below.

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