Humans at Sea Studio shows the oral history project Queer Spaces at Sea revolving around Queer culture on merchant ships during the 1950 - 80's.  

The exhibition Humans at Sea is accompanied by a studio space, set up around the oral history project Queer ​​Spaces at Sea. In this studio you can reflect on the exhibition in different ways, you are stimulated to think about what the sea means to you, about queer culture and about being yourself, about freedom and the lack of thereof. 

  • watch on a large screen the movie about 2 former crew members of SS Rotterdam, who speak about the queer culture on board. 
  • let us know on the magnetic wall what the exhibition or the sea means to you, by placing magnets on which words are written. 
  • take a seat in comfortable chairs and listen to interview fragments resulting from Queer Spaces at Sea.

Charles and Gillis elaborate about their time working aboard SS Rotterdam

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The studio is open during the exhibition period of Humans at Sea until 2 July 2023.

Harry Mosch