Willem van de Velde the Elder and his son Willem van de Velde the Younger were leaders in seventeenth-century marine painting and inspired many generations of painters after them. From October 2021, the Maritime Museum will show the Van de Veldes to the public.

After eleven exciting months of preparation, our director of museum affairs Vera Carasso traveled to London to collect the two Van de Velde tapestries. Who was Willem van de Velde? And what is the story behind these monumental tapestries? Watch this video!

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Meet the Van de Veldes, their artistic talent and their entrepreneurial spirit. Father and son ran a thriving and internationally operating family studio that existed for seven decades and belonged to the absolute top of 17th-century marine painting. Both worked in their own specialism: Willem van de Velde the Elder excelled in detailed pen paintings and Willem van de Velde the Younger in oil painting.

Admire the many paintings, pen paintings and drawings of naval battles, ship portraits, storms and calm seascapes of the Van de Veldes in this unique exhibition. The National Maritime Museum takes you through their powerful clients, their method, competitors, their crossing to England, their still waters and dramatic storms.

The naval battle at Kijkduin, August 21, 1673. Willem van de Velde the Younger, 1687.

The exhibition is made possible thanks to the support of these funds and foundations.

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