The Clipper is 76 metres long and features 31 sails with a total area of 2,200 square metres. The ship has an authentic transverse rig, a sharp clipper bow and sails as a passenger ship under the Dutch flag. The Clipper has 14 luxury cabins, a spacious dining room (the longroom) for dinners and presentations and an outdoor bar.

the beautiful house of cards, the three enormous masts, the lines on deck, the beautifully maintained teak woodwork, the crew that hoists and sets the sails in the way it was done in the nineteenth century; everything exudes the atmosphere and rough, nineteenth-century world of maritime shipping. At the same time, the passenger sailing ship Stad Amsterdam also features 21st century luxury. 

history of the ship

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam is a ship with a story. A story that begins during SAIL Amsterdam 1995, when five Amsterdam aldermen were on their way in a sloop from the East Indiaman Amsterdam to the official residence of the mayor. “Wouldn't it be great", suggested one of the crew members, "to construct one of those large sailing ships from the past again? As a symbol of the city's commercial spirit?"

In 1998, one hundred years after a passenger sailing ship was last built in Amsterdam, the keel of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam hit the water. The National Maritime Museum has had a special relationship with the ship since its construction. Following construction, the ship was immediately anchored in front of the museum's historic building. Here the outfitting of the ship would commence.

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