Documentary photographer Isabelle Boon (1972) portrays the positive energy and passion of people in their environment.

Boon tells the bigger story from real, often small everyday situations. Respect, carefulness, solidarity and reciprocity are important keywords for her working method, which is characterized by a mainly personal approach. By looking carefully and having conversations, Isabelle Boon gains insight into the personal story of the person in front of her. Boon's style is pure, direct, intuitive and close. She uses natural light as much as possible and looks for spontaneous moments. Photos - always in color - are hardly ever edited.

Isabelle Boon works at home and abroad. Her last project “Heritage in Transition,” about the influence of the re-designation of colonial buildings and infrastructure in the old city centers of Jakarta and Semarang on the current residents and new users, has been exhibited in Kota Tua (Jakarta), Kota Lama (Semarang ), Museum Volkenkunde (Leiden) and Museum Sophiahof (Den Haag). The encounters with young people on the Banda Islands and the realization that the colonial heritage plays a major role in the future development of the islands, was the start of the “I love Banda” project. Some of the photos included in The National Maritime Museum were previously on display at Rumah Budaya, the local museum on Banda Neira.