I am fine. I currently work at a navigation company in Ambon but am stationed in Banda Naira. I am a temporary worker, and I combine that with my studies. Aside from my office job, I also work as an ojek driver. And in the afternoon, sometimes I have a bit of time to play football.

Fortunately, Banda is a green zone [safe area without/with a low number of Covid-19 infections, red.]. But due to the Coronavirus, traveling from Banda is no longer self-evident. It is very tricky to leave Banda because there are many documents that you need to take care of first. During the pandemic, I feel restricted in my space to move. We are not allowed to gather, to socialize. Making money has also become harder to do. 

I still become very happy when I look at my photos in the book I love Banda. I am also incredibly proud that out of all the young people in Banda, you chose me as one of the young people in your project. I am very pleased that my photos were displayed in the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. My favorite photo is the one where I jump into the sea. It was taken at the Malole beach, where the view is extremely nice. I really like the picture, and I feel happy when I look at it. 

l love Banda is a means to promote Banda. I know that Banda is famous, even since the colonial period, but this photo book shows modern-day Banda to the Dutch and other foreigners as well. It is an honor for us, the Bandanese young people, to talk about the Banda of today. Thank you very much, Miss, for promoting the (thoughts of the) youth of Banda. Hopefully, in the future Banda will become better than it is now.

Push-ups, high-kicks, crawling through the surf, Malole beach is Ode's ideal training partner. (Ode's favorite photo of himself).

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