In 2017, Het Scheepvaartmuseum was unable to award the Dr Ernst Crone Fellowship. But two scholars were awarded the J.C.M. Warnsinck Fellowship and started their research:

Martijn Heijink

Martijn Heijink will be researching the seventeenth-century family portrait by Dirk Dirksz. Zandvoort of provost-general Otto van Vollenhoven, his wife Apollonia Boogaert, and their daughter Maria van Vollenhoven from 1644. His research will focus on questions such as: in what way does this portrait reflect the period in which it was painted?; are there similar known family portraits of naval officers?; and did this portrait signal the emergence of a new genre or did the artist build on an existing tradition?

Familyportret by Dirk Dirksz.

Iris van der Zande

Iris van der Zande will conduct research into the tours organized for young people in the 1930s aboard the Tarakan of steamship company Stoomvaart Maatschappij 'Nederland'. For her research she will use the photo albums and films made by the young people themselves of their trip as primary sources. She will seek to answer questions such as: what was the objective of these trips? And what did it offer these young people who went on them? She will compare the Tarakan tours with tours for girls aboard vessels of steamboat company Rotterdamsche Lloyd for which source material is available in the collection of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam.

Young people aboard the Tarakan of Stoomvaart Maatschappij 'Nederland'

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