The museum invites researchers and those who are interested from all over the world to view the hikayat and contribute to a multivoiced perspective on the history of the Banda Islands. A PDF of the manuscript has been made freely available below. An English translation of the manuscript is also available.

Manuscript Table of Contents 

Page 1 - 44              Story about the first inhabitants of Banda
Page 45 - 49            Story of the three brothers who stayed in the country of Londor
Page 49 - 53            Story about the four kings who each ruled a country of their own
Page 54 - 62            Story of the events after the party on Waier
Page 63 - 66            Story about Boij Tamang Koestamer
Page 67 - 73            Story about the nutmeg trade on Banda
Page73 - 79             Story about the negotiations with the Dutch
Page 79 - 83            Story about Lonthoir and the village of Fiat

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