On Friday 22 January 2016, Heijmans ONE on Kattenburgerplein in Amsterdam, will open its doors as Het Scheepvaartmuseum XXS. This unique movable single person house is being temporarily used as a visitors centre while Het Scheepvaartmuseum is host location for the EU meetings.

From 22 January until 7 February 2016, visitors can come here for a foretaste and impression of the museum. Het Scheepvaartmuseum will be open to the general public again from 8 February 2016.

Alternative programme 

At Het Scheepvaartmuseum XXS, people can learn all about Europe during the Golden Age. Each day, a museum guide will be present between 09:00 AM and 5:00 PM to talk about this defining period in the maritime history of the Netherlands and Europe. You will also be given a voucher booklet which entitles you to a discount on visits to 11museums/attractions in the Plantage district. 

From 29 January, the second edition of the De Wereld Draait Door Pop-Up Museum can be seen at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. Guest curator and artist of the year Daan Roosegaarde has drawn inspiration from several paintings from the Scheepvaartmuseum collection that have not previously been on display. This resulted in Daan's creation the exhibition 'Horizon'.

Heijmans ONE: moveable single person house

The Heijmans ONE shows how the market can be kept in motion by thinking in terms of temporary concepts. The product focuses on the Not-Quite generation, young professionals who have finished studying, got their first jobs, are single, and are looking for affordable housing. A house that signifies freedom, quality and independence. This complete house for one can be set up in a day on sites eventually destined for other purposes.