On 23 March, Erasmus Huis in Jakarta will open the exhibition I love Banda in collaboration with photographer Isabelle Boon and the National Maritime Museum. The exhibition was shown at the National Maritime Museum in 2021 and now has its premiere in Indonesia. The exhibition is on display at Erasmus Huis until 17 June, 2022.

In I love Banda, documentary photographer Isabelle Boon portrays six young islanders with whom she formed close friendships. Among her themes are scenes from her subjects’ personal lives, the typical atmosphere of the archipelago, and contemporary life on the island.

A superb centrepiece of the exhibition is a facsimile of M.S. Neirabatij’s Hikayat: a long-lost manuscript, representing the oldest written record of the oral history of the Banda Islands. In addition to the exhibition, more than four hundred photographs are displayed in the publication of the same name.

Click here to read more about I love Banda at Erasmus Huis, or look back at the exhibition as it was shown at the National Maritime Museum here and the fascinating stories that emerged from it.