• When: daily from July 13th until August 25th
  • Time: at 12.00, 13.15 and 14.30 o'clock
  • Duration: about 45 minutes
  • For who: suitable for children from 7 years old and up with a swimming diploma and grown-up attendants
  • Register: sign up exclusively on the same day at the ticket desk

Each day children from seven years old and up can take a tour with Plastic Whale, the first professional plastic fishing company in the whole wide world!

Come along and step aboard the Plastic Whale sloop at 12:00, 13:15 and 14:30 o'clock (times with a proviso) to fish plastic in the water around the museum. Want to help? Take a look at www.plasticwhale.org for more information about the organisation and about what happens to your plastic. 

Attention: on Sunday, August 4th, there will be no plastic fishing due to the PRIDE plastic fishing event!

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