Since 1991, the East Indiaman Amsterdam has been moored at the jetty of the National Maritime Museum. The ship is currently in dire need of restoration. In the current situation, water is pumped out of the ship every eight minutes, otherwise it will fill up with water. Please help us restore the ship!

why restore the ship?

Even though the ship is not sailing, it is maintained on a weekly basis. Moreover, once every couple of years major refurbishing is required. This autumn the East Indiaman will therefore go into dock for this major maintenance. In the current situation, water is pumped out of the ship every eight minutes, otherwise it will fill up with water. Weak spots in the ship will be repaired and made watertight by caulking the seams, detecting wood rot, and replacing any damaged material. The masts will be replaced and the ship will be given a new coat of paint and varnish to protect it from wind and weather conditions.

Not only is the ship fascinating to look at and experience, but the ship is above all an educational object. Because of the strong connection with the history of the East India Company or VOC (in Dutch: Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) and the seventeenth century, the ship is an important part of the museum's public programme. Moreover, the 'Amsterdam' is an important educational object with which stories from history are brought to the attention, for which in the past the eyes were collectively closed. Such as the far-reaching consequences of slavery, the slave trade, overseas warfare and colonialism. When the ship returns, different and new perspectives on its history will be presented. An important subject, then. 

how much money is needed?

The National Maritime Museum will bear a large part (95%) of the restoration costs itself, but we still need €50,000 to carry out all the necessary work. Through a crowdfunding campaign we have already raised € 30,000, which we are very pleased with. But we can also use all the help we can get for the last € 20,000. All contributions are welcome: from small to large.

how can you help?

Would you like to contribute to the restoration of the VOC ship Amsterdam? Click on the button and donate via the Tikkie (in Dutch). Your contribution will be used to make the ship watertight and to conserve the inside. Would you like to stay informed about the restoration? Keep an eye on this page or sign up for our newsletter. Will you help us?

Will you help for future generations to experience the East Indiaman Amsterdam?

Any contribution, small or large, is welcome.

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