Celebrate your child’s birthday in The National Maritime Museum with an exciting tour in the museum or on the East Indiaman ‘Amsterdam’ and decorate your own cupcake or celebrate with a pirate cake!

The Tale of the Whale’ is a fascinating exhibition revolving around the whale trade and makes sure kids will look from different perspectives to this clever mammal. Is it a monster, a good meal, or a majestic animal in need of our protection? Inside a life sized whale’s mouth you will discover what a whale smells like, hear its heartbeat and feel its skin. Or jump aboard the East Indiaman ‘Amsterdam’. Take a peek in the captain’s cabin, the galley and the crew quarters. Discover how sailors lived and worked in the 17th Century. Visit the sailors’ sleeping quarters. Find out what meals were served on board. And what happened to sailors who became ill or broke the rules? 

You can get a tour through the museum with a guide together with your friends

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